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Autumn walk

I know this is quite a late post but we have been busy lately. This is a video we took in Autum on the strawberry line I hope you enjoy watching it. Shot by Marcus & Isaac, edited by Isaac.

The National Marine Aquarium

This week we went to the national  aquarium and we saw a lot of intresting, common and ugly fish, it was good day to be inside because it was raining any way. Here are some of the photos I took:

The Eden Project

On Tuesday the 12th we went to see the Eden Project in Cornwall. We all really, really enjoyd it and I would recommend it to any one! Here are some of the photos I took:

Easter Events

Thought we’d list a few wildlife type events going on over the Easter break,

We are planning to go on  a spring trail at Tyntesfield. They are doing their Easter Egg hunts too.

Mells Daffodil Festival is always worth a visit, on Monday the 5th this year.

Avon Wildlife Trust are doing an egghunt on the 6th at Folly Farm  & 7th at Willsbridge Mill.

There is some freaky nature at the Eden project.

Will add any more as we find them ! If you know of any interesting events please tell us in the comments.

The nature detectives have an online easter pack with lots of fun things to do.

Lacock Abbey bug hunt

Today i visited Laycock Abbey, they had a bug hunting day. We fished in a pond with some little nets. In the water were some snails, tadpoles, waterboatmen and pond skaters. We had a picnic on the bench and spotted butterflies, bees and ladybirds on flowers nearby. I got a bat sticker for my wild child book. It was sunny and cloudy.

Find out about national trust wild child adventures at

They had some brilliant laminated identification guides which can be found at

Secret World – hedgehog and tortoise weekend


At the weekend I visited Secret World for their hedgehog and tortoise weekend. The hedgehogs were all asleep but i did see; a huge tortoise, two foxes, some owls, guinea pigs, chickens, ferrets and i held a rabbit. I made a bee hotel and Jacob made a bird feeder, I got a t-shirt. They have a brilliant playground, i had a fun day.